Dr. Melanie Chiu on “Photoregulation of Polymerization Processes”

On Tuesday, April 6, 2021, Dr. Melanie Chiu from the Department of Chemistry talked about using a light-controlled strategy to modulate polymer dispersity.

Dr. Chiu discussed photomodulation of polymerization by posing questions on her presentation slides as the talking points.  Some of the questions were: “Why is modulation of polymer dispersity important? What are existing strategies for modulating polymer dispersity? Are the polymerations controlled? Are the chain-ends alive at the end of the reaction? Can we dynamically modulate dispersity? Can we achieve high-resolution control over dispersity? Can we expand the range of accessible dispersities?”

The lecture was well-attended by faculty members and a class of chemistry students, who engaged in a rich discussion about photomodulation of polymerization. 

Clara Tran

Clara Tran

Head, Science and Engineering at Stony Brook University Libraries
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Clara Tran
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