University Libraries Honors Our Graduating Student Employees

Student employees are an important part of the University Libraries’ staff. They are an integral part of our services, from working at the service desks and in preservation, to photographing our events and adding content to our social media, we couldn’t run the Libraries without them. As a way to recognize the contributions that our student employees make to the University Libraries, we have started our Bookplates program in which graduating students are able to select a book, CD, DVD, or musical score that is meaningful to them and we place a bookplate with their name in it.

The first two students to take part in this program are Carlos Soto from the University Libraries Administration office and Grace Roh from Access & User Services. Both are graduating in December 2020.

For her bookplate, Grace chose Calculus: Concepts and Contexts by James Stewart (MATH QA303 .S88253 2006) because “…it’s the one I have seen the most during my college life. I have always referred to this book whenever I do not understand a concept or I am not unsure about a formula. I am grateful to this book that helped me survive in SBU math classes.”

Image of bookplate for Grace Roh in Calculus: Concepts and Contexts

Carlos selected the book For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway (MAIN PS3515 .E37 F6 1940). Carlos wrote of his reason for choosing this book: 

“I chose this book because I believe it really goes to represent the importance of being alive. The main protagonist is fighting in the Spanish Civil War and he recounts his experience throughout the book. However, the symbolism that is represented is the honor and appreciation of being alive. The protagonist has this realization as he sees people die for this war of two opposing forces. 

For the past few months, I’ve gotten off all of social media and have really made the effort to appreciate my existence and appreciate life. Social media was taking me away from finding joy in the mundane aspects of life. This book I believe in some way encompasses that realization of experiencing your surroundings in the fullest way.”

Image of bookplate for Carlos Soto in
For Whom The Bell Tolls

We are pleased to be able to recognize Grace’s and Carlos’ contributions to the University Libraries and wish them much success!

Jennifer DeVito

Associate Librarian, Director of Access & User Services at Stony Brook University Libraries

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