Native American Heritage Month

November marks the near end of the Fall semester and the beginning of Native American Heritage Month. Native American Heritage Month is a national U.S. holiday instituted in 1990 to celebrate, honor, and provide a platform for Indigenous peoples to share aspects of their culture.  

Long Island is home to the Shinnecock Indian Nation (located in Southampton, NY) and Unkechaug Indian Nation (located in Mastic, NY). Every Labor Day weekend, the Shinnecock Nation hosts an annual powwow, which is open to the public (note this year due to coronavirus, the powwow is closed to outside visitors). 

Throughout this month various events such as talks, cultural programs are held to celebrate Indigenous traditions, customs, and culture. The Native American Heritage Month website provides free access to resources, such as exhibitions, teaching materials, and audio-visual primary sources. Learning about Indigenous peoples is not just for November. We encourage you to learn more about Indigenous peoples of Long Island and New York. A few resources of note are the Brooklyn Public Library and the American Indian Community House, a non-profit community center for Indigenous peoples living in New York City.

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