Congratulations to Stony Book University Libraries’ 2019-2020 Open Educational Resources grant recipients!

Stony Brook University Libraries would like to congratulate the following instructors for creating, adapting and or adopting Open Educational Resources (OER) in their course/s. They are creating and or using openly available course materials that are customizable to their needs while significantly reducing or eliminating the costs of course materials for students.

Mark Aronoff and Lori Repetti. Department of Linguistics. Course: LIN200

Marta Baumiller. Fine Arts Department. Course: ARS205

Mei Lin Chan. Biomedical Engineering Department. Course: BME 304

Elena Davidiak. Hispanic Language and Literature Department. Courses: SPN214 and SPN215

Donovan Finn. School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. Course: SUS200

Stefan Judex. Biomedical Engineering Department. Course: BME212

Yi-Xian Qin. Biomedical Engineering Department. Course: BME303

Natasha Vitek. Department of Ecology and Evolution. Course BIO344

Mona Ramonetti

Mona Ramonetti

Head of Scholarly Communication at University Libraries
Mona is the Interim Associate Dean for Library Technology, Discovery and Digital Initiatives and Head of Scholarly Communication.
Mona Ramonetti
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