Student Spotlight – Shivani Mishra

For December’s Student Spotlight we present Shivani Mishra! Shivani grew up on Long Island where she attended Half Hollow Hills High School. In 2018 she was inducted into the National Honor Society and the National French Honor Society, and is a three time winner of the National French Exam Contest. She also happens to be a certified Kenpō Martial Arts black belt… so don’t mess with her!

Inspired by her volunteer experience in the hospital and as an emergency medical technician Shivani knew she wanted to learn medicine but when she started her first semester at Stony Brook she had no idea what to major in. Despite the pressure to declare her major she stayed focused on her pre-medicine courses (general chemistry, classical physics, calculus) until she discovered an area of study that resonated with her,

“Physics was especially appealing to me. On Saturdays and Sundays, I enjoyed the quiet and peaceful Math/Physics Library to work on my homework or to peruse the collections. I enjoyed spending my time at the physics library so much that I decided to apply as a student library assistant at the end of the semester.”

– Shivani Mishra

As a student employee Shivani learned new skills using the library’s vast print and online resources, and building connections with other students and faculty. Eventually Shivani declared her major in physics. She wants to delve into medicine and physics, and integrate her biomedical research interests with her passion for physics. We wish her the best in all of her academic pursuits. Of course, we’re proud to have her on board with us while she does.

Student Profile
Name: Shivani Mishra
Major: Physics
Year: Sophomore
Career aspiration: Research and medicine
Favorite library location: MASIC
Favorite place to study: The Health Sciences Library
Tips for first time students using the library: Remember to take care of your belongings, especially when you are going to be gone for more than 30 minutes or when it is near library closing time (hours can be found on the library website or posted inside the library location)!

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