The Health Sciences Library Celebrates Pride Month!

This post was written by River Amin, former Access & User Services Supervisor at the Health Sciences Library.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan, the event that sparked the modern LGBTQ* civil rights movement. Pride Month is an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and dedication of LGBTQ* activists and allies, to remember the lives lost in the fight for equality, and to organize, bringing communities together to advocate for the rights of all LGBTQ* people in the United States and worldwide.

The Health Sciences Library is honored to celebrate Pride Month alongside our LGBTQ* students, faculty, and staff. Although great progress has been made over the past fifty years, including the nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage only four years ago, there is much work yet to do to combat legal and social discrimination against the LGBTQ* community. In an effort to increase visibility and awareness of the contributions LGBTQ* individuals have made to our society, the Health Sciences Library has put together a display highlighting the achievements of LGBTQ* physicians, scientists, and activists. Despite obstacles and prejudice, these brave individuals made significant contributions to their fields. It is important that they be recognized and lauded for their creativity, diligence, and expertise.

The Health Sciences Library wishes everyone a safe and joyous Pride Month.

Jamie Saragossi

Jamie Saragossi

Interim Associate Dean, Collection Strategy & Management at Stony Brook University Libraries
Jamie is the Interim Associate Dean, Collection Strategy & Management.
Jamie Saragossi
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