SBU Libraries and friends asked Evan everything at the Southampton campus

On Wednesday, April 11, SBU Libraries teamed up with SBU Resident Life and SBU DoIT (Division of Information Technology) to host Evan Doubleday, lead programmer analyst on the Southampton campus, for an “ask anything” session that included questions ranging from technical issues to the sublime.

Evan Doubleday, Lead Programmer Analyst, SBU Southampton Campus.

Evan is mainly responsible for:

  • Staff & Student Support
  • Onsite Printers and Computer Labs
  • Classroom AV Equipment and Teleconference
  • Networking Hardware
  • Loaner Equipment (Laptops, desktops, projectors, adapters)

Submissions were accepted throughout the week for students who had class during this event. Other students brought their questions with them.

Gathering questions for Evan.

Some questions included:

  • “What is the best away to backup and protect my files?” (Besides using the cloud.)
  • “Which is the best browser?”
  • “What makes the South Fork Kitchen burrito so good?”
  • “What is ‘the cloud’ and how do I get there?”
  • “Why does it take a long time to log into the library computers?”
  • “Do you believe happiness is attainable?”
  • “Why does the printer have trouble printing PDFs?”
  • “What does it mean when my computer tells me my startup disk is full? How can I fix it?”*

Students ate sandwiches and enjoyed putting Evan on the spot. This pilot forum included equal parts laughter and information, and all parties agreed that such an event would be worth repeating in the future. We’d like to thank Evan and Allison Jaekle from resident life. David Stevenson, a student in SBU’s Health Informatics program and a RA from resident life, helped coordinate this event. David truly made this event possible.


If you missed the event, you can still ask Evan anything. Here’s his current contact information (please note that Evan’s location is temporary until Atlantic Hall is finished being renovated):

Contact: Evan Doubleday
Availability: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm
Location: Fine Arts Room 128
Phone: 631-632-5157 or 631-632-9800

*Keep an eye out in the future for information and video gathered from this Q + A session.

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