Native American Heritage Display in the Galleria


On November 1st, Stony Brook University Libraries with the assistance of the Libraries “Equity, Inclusion, & Diversity Committee” set up a display of Native American artwork and artifacts in the Melville Library Galleria.


The exhibit was curated by Jay Levenson, Interlibrary loan clerk in Access Services. Being of Mohawk descent and having a B.A. in Native American Studies he has been collecting Native American artifacts and art representing many different Native cultures for over 20 years. In addition to the exhibit there were samples of materials from the University Libraries on display.  These highlighted the rich and diverse items on Native American culture housed in the collection. Material was also distributed with regard to local museums that display local Native American culture and pamphlets that included information about Native peoples and upcoming events in celebration of Native American Heritage Month.


The exhibit was viewed by many students during Campus Life Time. There were 60 Dream Catcher key chains left over from a previous exhibit last year.  All of them were distributed. In addition to the student visitors, the Libraries Dean, Constantia Constantinou, and the new Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Lee Bitsoi, also came to view the exhibit.


Jay Levenson

Jay Levenson

Library Clerk II at University Libraries at Stony Brook University
Jay Levenson

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