SBU Libraries Southampton Recognizes International Game Day

Stony Brook University Southampton Seawolves have worked extra hard lately as midterms passed us by. To honor this extraordinary effort we’ve decided to take part in the upcoming International Games Day. Take a break from studying and play table-top classics such as Connect 4 and Othello. You are encouraged to bring your own games as well.  

Opening up Saturday morning for American Library Association's International Game Day

Opening up Saturday morning for American Library Association’s International Game Day

Saturday November 19th marks the ninth annual International Games Day loosely organized by the American Library Association and its sponsors and affiliates spanning the globe from the U.S.A. to Australia. One of these affiliates, Nordic Game Day, champions the normalization of gaming in libraries. Their website states that “[International Game Day] is to show the patrons and the world, that games are a[n] established medium that belongs in the libraries now and in the future.” While Nordic Game Day is aimed at computer games in particular, International Game Day has expanded to include many forms of digital and table-top gaming.

The inclusion of gaming within libraries is spearheaded by the ALA’s member interest group Games and Gaming Round Table (GameRT). GameRT believes that games promote and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills at both public and academic libraries.  Click here to read more about GameRT’s mission.  

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