Create Your Own Zen Garden Event

Wednesday, November 16th, SBU Libraries invited the students to “take a moment” and create their own personal Zen Garden. Using the libraries’s promotional Frisbee, sand, “special” rocks which were collected by 5 year old Riley at local West Meadow Beach, shells, various leaves, flowers and drift wood, and wooden biodegradable forks, approximately 100 students created some masterpieces to take away to use alone, or to share with friends.  Wolfie made a surprise appearance and with some help, created his own Zen Garden!

Cultivating a Zen garden is a meditative,  relaxing, and stress-relieving activity, perfect for calming down or centering yourself  after a busy day. It’s also creative, artful, and skill-building as you practice designing visually-appealing, flowing scenes over and over. This nurturing gift to yourself takes only minutes a day, rejuvenates your mind, and enhances your creative life.

img_62571 img_6926 img_6942 img_7036 img_7053


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