Digitized: Women In US-Asian Relations and Senator Jacob K. Javits

Stony Brook University Libraries presents two new digital projects to start the 2016 Fall semester. Women in US-Asian Relations: Oral History Project and the Senator Jacob K. Javits Digital Collection are two collections coming from different Stony Brook University (SBU) sources that were digitized and recently made accessible through two different platforms.  

Women in US-Asian Relations Oral History Project


Every fall semester, Professor Peg Christoff teaches a course at Stony Brook University, AAS/POL 307 (Women in US-Asian Relations). As one of their assignments students are required to perform an oral history interview with a local woman who currently makes contributions in enhancing US-Asian relations. Professor Christoff contacted the library about having these finished assignments digitized and made accessible so that her future students, researchers, and the the public can learn about the accomplishments being made today by local women in this field. This digital project is on-going as new oral history interview assignments will be added to the group at the end of each fall semester.

Senator Jacob K. Javits Digital Collection


In 1982, Stony Brook University Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives received the gifted Senator Jacob K. Javits Collection (Javits was an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at the University). This collection contains documents, videos, photographs, audio, etc., and represents the 34 years Javits held in public office. A request was made to SBU libraries by Carla Javits, daughter of Jacob, to pull materials related to the senator’s bi-partisanship, including but not limited to documents from his Cuba Trip in 1974, sound recordings, tapes, and films representing foreign affairs and equal opportunities for minorities, to be digitized and made accessible for an event, The Inaugural Jacob K. Javits Prize for Bipartisan Leadership in September, 2016.

As a media management system, SBU Libraries uses Shared Shelf to store all media files and their related descriptive metadata for access. The Oral History Project was published to Shared Shelf Commons, an open access digital repository. The Javits Collection was published to Omeka, a web-publishing platform that is a hybrid of three kinds of systems: Web Content Management, Collections Management, and Archival Digital Collections Systems.

Both of these collections can be found via the Stony Brook University Libraries’ homepage by clicking on Digital Projects.

Access the Women in US-Asian Relations Oral History Project: http://library.stonybrook.edu/women-in-us-asian-relations-oral-history-project/

Access the Senator Jacob K. Javits Digital Collection: http://library.stonybrook.edu/jacob-k-javits-digital-collection/

Find more info about Peg Christoff’s class and other courses in the AAS: Asian and Asian American Studies program here: http://sb.cc.stonybrook.edu/bulletin/current/courses/aas/

Find more materials in the Senator Jacob K. Javits Collection held in the Stony Brook University Libraries Special Collections and University Archives here: http://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/libspecial/collections/manuscripts/javits/index.html


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