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Stony Brook University Libraries is offering a trial of the database British History Online until March 3, 2014.

British History Online contains primary and secondary sources for the history of the British Isles. You can find a diverse range of sources here, such as:


British History Online is run by the Institute of Historical Research – the centre for the study of history in the UK – at the University of London. Our goal is to produce highly accurate digital versions of the core works of British history, as part of the Institute’s national role in historical research.

Highlights of the collection include:

Sources on local history can be found using an interactive, full-screen map.

The premium content consists of the Parliament Rolls of Medieval England (Edward I to Henry VII), all the volumes of the Calendar of State Papers, Domestic 1537-1714, the Calendars of State Papers for Scotland and Ireland, plus the Calendar of Close Rolls.

All 180 volumes are scanned and double re-keyed, with a guarantee of 99.9 per cent accuracy. This means that the search facility will be able to find all the content; none of it is hidden.

19th Century Collections Online (NCCO)screenshot of 19th Century Collections Online

Database trial through March 13, 2014.  Access 19th Century Collections Online.

NCCO includes:

  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online Archive 1: British Politics and Society
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online Archive 2: Asia & West Diplomacy & Cultural Exchange
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online Archive 3: British TheatreNineteenth Century Collections Online Archive 4: Corvey Collection of European Literature
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online Archive 5: Europe and Africa
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online Archive 6: Photography
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online Archive 7: Science, Technology, and Medicine
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online Archive 8: Women
  • Artemis Primary Sources


Thieme eNeurosurgery

Stony Brook University Libraries is pleased to offer a trial of the database Thieme eNeurosurgery until May 15, 2014.

Thieme eNeurosurgery is the world’s most comprehensive resource for neurological and spine surgery online providing access to:

  •  Over 250 illustrated procedures, original to Thieme eNeurosurgery, providing step-by-step instruction on core techniques and approaches
  •  Access to Thieme’s entire neurosurgical E-Book library published from 2000 to-date and additional classical texts from the archives
  •  Author-narrated videos, embedded into the text and available to search independently
  • More than 30,000 images for download and use in other applications, with legends and links to original sources
  • Simultaneous search across the neurosurgery titles in Thieme’s E-Journal platform, as well as across all journals indexed in PubMed, with results given to the abstract level

Access Thieme eNeurosurgery here.

Artfilms Streaming contains hundreds of exclusive educational videos from top artists and independent producers with unlimited, simultaneous usage.  Subject areas include: Architecture and Design; Dance; Digital Art/New Media; Cinema; Healing Arts; History & Culture; Hospitality & Gastronomy; Language & Literature; Media & Television; Music; Performance Art; Photography; Theatre; and Visual Art.
Each subject area contains a number of different modules – collections of films around a topic. Within Theatre, for example, there are several modules, such as Acting/ Directing (17 titles) and  Makers of Theatre (49 titles.) Individual titles include: Beyond Stanislavski – Oyston directs Chekhov; Peter Sellars Lecture – Cultural Activism In The New Century; and Shifting and Sliding: The Feminine Psyche in Performance.
Images available on their site.
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Janet Clarke

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