New Library Scavenger Hunt Challenges Your Research Skills!

Be a part of history as the Library takes you back in time to the Revolutionary War Era. You are now a spy, forced to solve codes, puzzles, and clues to prove your research skills and assist in the rebellion.

Join, or Die? That may be the underlying message behind the iconic divided snake on this year’s scavenger hunt button, but don’t worry, it is not to be taken literally.  No harm will come to those who decline to join in the fun. When Benjamin Franklin first designed the powerful political cartoon to inspire the colonies to unite forces he was not suggesting that they would not continue living if they did not join in the resistance either – but we would die as a nation, having surrendered the freedom and principles that our country had been built upon.  As scholars, we stand on principles and standards of our own, which are rooted in the library. This is the place where knowledge is stored, ideas are born, and in-depth research takes each of us to the next level of academic accomplishment.  Abandoning these skills will lead to our academic demise, unless we embrace all tools available to create a unified understanding of research methods.

The Library is working to develop our most challenging scavenger hunt to date.  It is more aptly called a spy hunt, as members become part of a story taken from history books.  On Long Island, President George Washington once relied on a network of spies to secretly relay information in our area. They used devices such as ciphers, invisible ink and coded text to stay one step ahead of the British.  Participants will use these same methods to enhance their knowledge of library locations, databases, tools, and services.  The lucky will win prizes; all will gain the benefit of picking up some extra knowledge to aid in future assignments requiring research.

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Janet Clarke

Janet Clarke

Associate Dean, Research & User Engagement at Stony Brook University Libraries
Janet Clarke
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