Winter Film Recommendations

Winter is the perfect time of year to check out some great must-see films from our collection!With the end of yet another long semester many faculty and students might find themselves in unfamiliar territory, home with time to spare in which books can be read and films can be viewed…for fun.  That’s right, your chance to enjoy something that is not part of a required course list to be dissected or critiqued until it loses all its charm.  Winter is the best time to partake in these leisurely activities, since chilly weather lends itself well to indoor activities.  Fortunately for you, Stony Brook University Libraries hold thousands of great film titles in our collection.  Here is a list of some, old and new, that might satisfy your desire to hunker down and enjoy art simply for art’s sake.

The following month will host a variety of events, ranging from religious to cultural to potentially world ending.  These films touch on one or more of all of these themes.

A Serious Man (DVD 2771)

This film from the Coen brothers is predominantly a religious one and is laced with the trademark dark humor of its creators.  It explores a man who clings to his Jewish faith and finds his beliefs tested each day as he experiences an unrelenting series of major difficulties in his life.  Though it may be too somber and, well, serious for some, it is an example of fine film making and a well crafted tribute to the trials of faith.


Inglorious Bastards (DVD 2862)

In a different vein, this film takes quite a different approach by portraying faith in humanity as rebel allies take on, and conquer, the Nazis in WWII Germany.  It is as comical as a violent war film can be, however, so don’t be expecting any sort of historical accuracy here.



Joyeux Noel (DVD 2284)

Also a war film, Joyeux  Noel highlights the universal power of the Christmas spirit and its ability to bring people, even enemies, together in celebration.  It is an inspiring true story of a holiday that carries with it more than just religious meaning, but also a greater message of the sense of good will and peace on earth that the day symbolizes.


Love Actually (DVD 3012)

Perhaps one of the most widely embraced Christmas movies of the past decade, this film touches on all forms of love experienced by characters of an intertwined story. Some happy, some sad, all comical in their own way, the film captures the essence of Christmas in all the right ways.


Wall-E (DVD 2230)

December will also mark the end of the Mayan calendar, which many Dooms Day theorists have interpreted as the end of the world as we know it.  This Pixar classic tells the tender tale of a lonely robot responsible for cleaning up the mess left behind after the humans have fled the planet to avoid destruction, and of his high-tech counterpart and romantic interest who is sent to find evidence of life so man may return. Animation at its best.



Dawn of the Dead (DVD 2665)

In another telling of the fate of the world, Dawn of the Dead is the classic story of the zombie apocalypse that ravages the world.  Inspiring decades of zombie-crazed believers, the film has never been more relevant to popular culture than it is today.



When Harry Met Sally (DVD1159)

The month will come to an end, should we survive, with the ushering in of the new year.  When Harry Met Sally is arguable the best New Year’s film and has become a classic in film history. Focusing on the changing relationship between its two main characters, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, the film follows them through life, year by year, as they take on obstacles that life throws their way. Charming and memorable to say the least.



These titles and more can be found in the Main Library’s Circulation Department, located on the 3rd floor.  To find more must-see films, search our catalog now!

Janet Clarke

Janet Clarke

Associate Dean, Research & User Engagement at Stony Brook University Libraries
Janet Clarke
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