Reader’s Advisory

Stony Brook University Libraries offers a helpful tool to assist you in researching a number of popular books and films found in our collection. Throughout the Main Stacks, patrons may find small signs posted on random aisles providing a title that can be located in that section.  Have you recently been assigned an essay on the featured book or film?  Well then, feel free to consult the reader advisory sign’s list of possible paper topics or helpful ideas to consider.  Did you enjoy the work and desire to read or view something with the same author, director, or subject matter?  The signs also list additional titles that you might find are of interest.

With summer upon us, many may wish to catch up on some long overdue recreational reading.  The reader advisory signs in the literature section found on the 4th floor feature highly recommended works by a variety of authors, as well as additional titles that you might enjoy if you had a pleasurable reading experience.

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Janet Clarke

Janet Clarke

Associate Dean, Research & User Engagement at Stony Brook University Libraries
Janet Clarke
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