The Disability Support Services (DSS) Department provides special equipment and software for students with disabilities in the DSS Resource Room in the Central Reading Room of Melville Library. This room is only for registered DSS students. Users must sign in before obtaining the key from the reference desk. Users must use their Stony Brook netID to log onto the computer. If you do not have a netID, please contact the DSS office. An instruction notebook is available which includes a very helpful glossary in the back. The technology available assists students who have visual or motor impairments, difficulties with reading and writing or who require multiple formats for information. You will be able to scan a book so that the computer can read it to you, turn a PDF file into a file the computer can read to you or that you can type on, have the computer read your email, the internet, a word file or other computer file, have your paper read out loud to you for proofreading, take parts of your text book and turn them into notes, scan a book into a book-on-tape/audio book, turn an existing computer file into a book-on-tape, dictate your paper or notes, and enlarge a book.


The following equipment and software are available:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking– Create your own voice pattern
  • E-Text Reader– Choose different voices – highlight – bookmark
  • Opera– Enlarge your text
  • PDF Magic 3.0– Convert PDF files to Word/enlarge/listen
  • Scan and Read Pro– Scans hard copy into digital copy Convert copy to MP3 or WAVE Instant dictionary
  • Text-to-Audio 6.5– Converts any text file into a computer-read file
  • Talkingword Perfect– Full functioning word processor with voice reading and word prediction
  • ReadPlease– Text reader – Spanish language capability
  • eClipse Reader– Plays RFBD books on CD, including DAISY
  • CCTV– Magnifies hard copies of text and images
  • Zoom Text– Numerous magnification capabilities


Call the Reference Desk in the North Reading Room, (631) 632-7148.  You can also contact the DSS Dept., (631) 632-6748.