1st Annual Photo Scavenger Hunt

Stony Brook University Libraries are proud to present our first annual Photo Scavenger Hunt.  This event consists of a series of clues made up of riddles and puzzles that must be solved in order to reach each destination.  Students may form groups of 4-5 participants.  If you have fewer members you can either join a group on the day of the event or be put in a group in need of more players. Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams, in accordance with the number of accumulated points. Come join in for a day of fun and interactive learning as you test your wit and creativity. Pre-registration is required .

Some students struggle through their courses because they never take advantage of the library and all the tools it has to offer.  Some are unaware of the many resources that can be found within each of the branches and never take the opportunity to learn more about this valuable campus asset.  We have put together a fun way for incoming and current students to learn more about your most indispensable and amazing campus location, the Library, and we are offering the chance to win prizes to all those who participate.

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Janet Clarke

Janet Clarke

Associate Dean, Research & User Engagement at Stony Brook University Libraries
email: janet.clarke@stonybrook.edu
Janet Clarke
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