University Libraries Presents: STEM Speakers Series

Date: 09/14/2016

Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Mac Classroom



Dr. Sotirios Mamalis, Department of Mechanical Engineering

“Internal Combustion Engine Research for Sustainable Transportation and Power Generation”

Internal combustion engines are used extensively in ground and marine transportation, and stationary power generation. The performance of engines is a critical parameter in our effort to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions of passenger and commercial vehicles, locomotives, marine vessels, and power plants. Therefore, engine technology is expected to play an increasingly important role in future societies as they strive to promote energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. This presentation will provide an overview of current engine technology at different scales and applications, and will focus on active research topics that have the potential to advance engine technology.

The University Libraries STEM Speakers Series promotes student learning and awareness of STEM research across the campus through a series of lectures by the Stony Brook University scholars. Faculty members are invited to present their cutting-edge research to a broad constituency including students, faculty/staff, and the general public in an interesting and informative manner.


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Dana Haugh

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