“Mastering the electromagnetic spectrum and using it to learn about nature” by Dr. Thomas Allison

Date: 10/16/2018

Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Special Collections Seminar Room, E-2340


Mastering the electromagnetic spectrum and using it to learn about nature

Most of what we associate with the word “technology” derives from our ever increasing ability to control electromagnetic fields. From the early days of telephone and radio communication to the current era of the internet and GHz microprocessors, physicists and engineers have worked relentlessly to produce and utilize electromagnetic fields of higher frequencies and larger coherent bandwidths. In this talk, Dr. Allison will discuss how now physicists can control light waves and even x-rays using a new type of laser called a frequency comb. Frequency combs now allow us to build the most precise atomic clocks and generate attosecond pulses of soft x-rays – the shortest manmade events – pushing the boundaries of what scientists can measure in the “natural” world.


The Allison lab develops and utilizes new light sources and techniques to follow the motions of molecular systems in real-time. Developing new technologies and physics ideas go hand in hand with gaining insight into chemical dynamics. Dr. Allison earned his BS in Engineering Physics from Cornell University and his PhD in Physics from the University of California at Berkeley. He started at Stony Brook in 2013 after a postdoctoral fellowship at JILA.


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Clara Tran

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