STEM Speaker Series: “Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems: Progress and Opportunities” by Dr. Amy Marschilok

Date: 03/12/2019

Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Special Collections Seminar Room, E-2340


Access to clean energy directly impacts quality of life for people worldwide. Ability to store energy and release it on demand is necessary to implement renewable energy sources on a wide scale. Our group investigates the science and technology of power sources that will be enabling technologies for disparate and demanding applications, ranging from lifesaving implantable medical devices, to electric vehicles, to grid level storage. Progress and opportunities in developing electrochemical energy storage materials and systems to meet the needs of these diverse applications will be discussed in this presentation.


Dr. Amy C. Marschilok is currently a University Instructional Specialist at Stony Brook University, where she is a Research Associate Professor in the Departments of Materials Science and Engineering, and a Research Professor in the Department of Chemistry. Dr. Marschilok also serves as Deputy Director for the Center for Mesoscale Transport Properties at Stony Brook University (, an Energy Frontier Research Center funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.


She received her B.A. in Chemistry (English Minor) and Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University at Buffalo. Dr. Marschilok was previously employed as a Senior Scientist in the Medical Battery Research and Development Group at Greatbatch Inc., where she was recognized as a Visionary of the Year. In 2007, she received a Leadership Award, Professional Service Category from the Western New York YWCA. In 2011, she was recognized as a Woman of Distinction by the Girl Scouts of Western New York. Her current research goals center on new material and electrode concepts for high power, high energy density, extended life primary and secondary batteries. She has mentored over 50 student researchers and co-authored over 150 publications, 3 book chapters, and 5 patent disclosures.


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Clara Tran

Clara Tran

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Clara Tran
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