#SBUGivingDay is Here! Support SBU Libraries in Digitizing Dan’s Papers

Make a difference TODAY! Support SBU Libraries on Wednesday, March 27 during #SBUGivingDay to digitize the Dan’s Papers archive — the East End of Long Island’s iconic weekly lifestyle publication — that was gifted to Stony Brook University by the publication’s founder, Dan Rattiner.

#SBUGivingDay, the best day to give to Stony Brook, because your support goes further than any other day of the year. It involves bonus challenges and matching funds that will be awarded to the departments and programs that reach their goals.


Dan Rattiner has generously provided funding to initiate this process. We hope you will join Dan today by making a gift to preserve and make the archive freely accessible online and available for future generations of readers and researchers.

Since its founding in 1969, the Special Collections at Stony Brook University Libraries has been leading efforts to document and preserve Long Island history. With the acquisition of the iconic Dan’s Papers archive, our research collections now include 63 years of contemporary stories chronicling Long Island’s East End, as recorded in more than 3,000 issues.

Dan’s Papers was established in 1960 and is presently one of the only weekly publications covering the entire East End. The collection, spanning 1960 to 2023, comprises the most complete print run of the publication held by a research library. “I started by taking the first paper home once it was printed and kept doing it,” said the founder, Dan Rattiner. “I hope that people will enjoy reading the publication. I think people will learn why so many have come out to the East End to settle this place, because of its remarkable beaches, farmland, history and culture. It’s just such a beautiful place.”

“We are very excited to have Dan’s Papers as a part of Stony Brook University Libraries’ collections,” Jamie Saragossi, SBU Interim Associate Dean of Collection Strategy and Management, told Dan’s Papers in April when Rattiner’s gift was announced. “Dan’s Papers is an important addition to the library’s distinctive collections because of its depth and coverage of the social, political and environmental history of Long Island. It benefits the mission of the university’s libraries and the wider research community,” said Kristen J. Nyitray, director of Special Collections and University Archives and university archivist.

Your gift will support the Dan Rattiner Special Collections Fund at Stony Brook University, which enables the digitization and maintenance of the Dan’s Papers archive, and helps sustain and promote excellence at the Stony Brook University Libraries. For more information about ways to make a tax-deductible gift to support this effort and the University Libraries, please contact Amanda Sabanos, amanda.sabanos@stonybrook.edu. For inquiries about the archive and Stony Brook’s Special Collections, please contact Kristen Nyitray, kristen.nyitray@stonybrook.edu.

Kristen Nyitray

Kristen Nyitray

Associate Librarian; Director, Special Collections and University Archives; and University Archivist at Stony Brook University Libraries
Contact her for research assistance with rare books, manuscript collections, historical maps, and SBU history. E-mail: kristen.nyitray@stonybrook.edu.
Kristen Nyitray
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