Stony Brook University Libraries announces the formation of its Anti-Racism Task Force

The Anti-Racism Task Force is a subgroup of Stony Brook University Libraries’ Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Committee. Its primary focus is on social justice issues, particularly with a lens on anti-black racism. This group seeks to provide a hub of resources relating to oppression and systemic racism. It will work to strengthen the inclusivity of the Stony Brook University Libraries’ collections through both external resources and locally created digital archival collections, along with increased awareness of such collections through online tools and events programming.

The members of the Anti-Racism Task Force are:

Chris Filstrup, Victoria Pilato, Catrina Reed and Mona Ramonetti (Chair)

Mona Ramonetti

Mona Ramonetti

Head of Scholarly Communication at University Libraries
Mona is the Interim Associate Dean for Library Technology, Discovery and Digital Initiatives and Head of Scholarly Communication.
Mona Ramonetti
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