University Libraries Presents: “INCIPIENT” 2016 Fine Arts Organization Student Exhibition

University Libraries is honored to exhibit the talented works of Stony Brook student artists as part of the grand opening of the renovated reading rooms, the Stony Brook Foundation Knowledge Commons.

To highlight the student-centered vision for the recently completed renovation, University Libraries designated student art exhibit space on the second floor of the North Reading Room.  Inaugurating this space is an exhibit,  INCIPIENT, from the Fine Arts Organization, a student art group at Stony Brook University. The Fine Arts Organization is committed to promoting, supporting and expanding the arts community at Stony Brook University.

According to FAO’s president, Daniel Donato, the works chosen represent a number of qualities presented in the art work, providing a variety of themes, mixed media, and work specifically created for the exhibition.

The exhibit enhances the physical space, starts conversations, and provides a moment of quiet reflection for the students, faculty, staff and the Stony Brook community.

These artists have generously provided pieces for the exhibit:

Madiha Saeed
Donovan Velez
Ja young Lee
Gregory Williams
Dan Li
Martin Chittum
Clarisse Miles Lampa
Kelly Smith
Rose Goldberg
Amanda Dziuba
Ye-Seul Choi
Razieh Jafari
Dewayne Wrencher
Jessica Rossano
Hayley Spates.

art-1 art-2 art-3 art-4 art-5


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