Sklar Collection on Display at Southampton

Stony Brook University Libraries has so many wonderful collections within their realm that sometimes a collection or two tend to fly under the radar. One of the collections at SBU that has flown under the radar for a number of years is the Robert Sklar Collection, which is housed at the Southampton Branch of Stony Brook University Libraries. This collection, which belonged to renowned film scholar and historian, Dr. Robert Sklar, was donated to Stony Brook University Libraries by Sklar’s second wife, Adrienne Harris, after Sklar’s sudden passing in 2011. The books and journals are just some of the generous gifts that the Sklar family has provided Stony Brook University.


The books and journals (in the grey bins), represent just a fraction of the SBU Southampton’s Sklar Collection.

The Sklar Collection itself is made up of over 4,000 works of film history, criticism and theory. The collection, which is open and can circulate to all Stony Brook University students, is utilized heavily by the MFA Film and MFA Creative Writing Departments. In addition to the Sklar Collection, each year the MFA Department at Stony Brook University presents the Sklar Prize, which is awarded to students enrolled in the MFA program who demonstrate exceptional promise in directing, producing and screenwriting. As great of a role as Dr. Sklar played in sculpting film history and cinema studies during his lifetime, he continues to play just as big a role at Stony Brook University, as his generous contributions and unparalleled works in the film industry will continue to educate and inspire students for generations to come.



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