Special Collections Event: “Confucius: His Thoughts About Food”

"Confucius: His Thoughts About Food" on May 4, 2016

“Confucius: His Thoughts About Food” on May 4, 2016

Join us on Wednesday, May 4 at 1pm for “Confucius: His Thoughts About Food,” a lecture by Dr. Jacqueline M. Newman. 

Though he taught over 2,000 years ago, Confucius (551–479 BCE) remains a major force in Chinese thinking: and his thoughts on cuisine are just as potent. Born in China’s State of Lu, we know about his culinary opinions thanks to Han Dynasty historian Sima Qian; The Analects compiled by his disciples centuries after his death; narrative of Zuozhuan from the 4th century CE; and the Mengzi compiled by Mencius. Today, at Qufu in the Kong Mansion, they serve dinners in his memory. What are those dinners and would he indulge in them?

This lecture will discuss Confucius’ life, his thoughts about food, and the memorable meals served at the Kong Mansion. After the lecture, a food tasting of related dishes will be offered. Co-sponsored by Special Collections of the University Libraries, The Confucius Institute, and the Charles B. Wang Center.

This is a free event. Registration is required to guarantee seating. Register here.

About the Speaker
Dr. Jacqueline M. Newman is a professor emeritus, Queens College and the founder and editor of the award-winning magazine Flavor and Fortune, the first and only American, English-language quarterly about Chinese food and dietary culture. In 2002 Dr. Newman made a significant gift of 4,000 Chinese cookbooks, culinary magazines and related audio-visual materials to Stony Brook University Libraries Special Collections. It is the largest collection of its type in the world.

Kristen Nyitray

Kristen Nyitray

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Kristen Nyitray
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