Ask Us ANYTHING! For real, we want your best questions!

No matter how you feel about it, classes will be starting again this coming Monday and students are already arriving back on campus.  Many of them are bound to have questions, and rightly so. Where are the best campus dining options, you might be wondering. Where can I pick up my text books? Who is this Wolfie and why does he need a wallet? Where are the best areas for quiet study? And so on.  Whatever is on your mind, feel free to ask us with a post-it note on the large whiteboard standing near the entrance of the Melville Library’s Central Reading Room, where the Reference Desk is located.  Can’t make it to the Central Reading Room  while this neat service is being offered? No worries… you can ask us your questions ANYTIME, ANYWHERE throughout the year.  The Library offers a convenient chat service during most hours of operation, and you can also send in your questions via email at, by phone (631-632-7110), any of our social media sites, our LibAnswers knowledgebase, or by contacting any of the librarians on our Subject Guides.

This whiteboard will remain in the Central Reading Room for the first two weeks of classes.  Posted a question but didn’t make it back in time to see the response?  Answers will be posted to our social media sites, so like/follow us today!


Janet Clarke

Janet Clarke

Associate Dean, Research & User Engagement at Stony Brook University Libraries
Janet Clarke
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