Long Overdue Photocopy Features Now Available

If you’ve been in the Library recently  you may have noticed that the clunky coin boxes that formerly accompanied our photocopy machines have been done away with.  In their place, a card swipe machine for your Stony Brook University IDs or Wolfie’s Wallet guest cards.  But this small change is nothing compared to the added features that can now be utilized on the machines to better serve your scanning needs.

In the not-so-distant past, what now seem to be primitive photocopy machines served one purpose: the read your document and spit out a duplicate on one or more sheets of paper.  Now that universities nationwide are striving to “go green”, however, paperless options are now available to those who wish instead to save the document to a portable USB drive or email it to themselves or other recipients.  Though color copies are not available, color scans to be saved or emailed can be done, though the file size is considerably larger. Saving and emailing are both FREE options, which means you will no longer be charged the ten cent fee that must otherwise be deducted from your Wolfie’s Wallet account.

Wish to make double-sided copies?  No problem.  Although this function was not available when the new machines arrived, two-sided photocopies can now be scanned as easily as one, which also slashes paper usage.  When print copies are a necessity, we encourage the more environmental friendly options of double-sided pages.

Funds for these machines are not deducted from the printing quota assigned as part of your Technology Fee.  Rather, external funds must be added to your ID card (or to a Wolfie’s Wallet card that can be purchased for $1 from any card dispenser).  As a reminder, scans that are saved to a thumb drive or emailed are free and do not require the use of a card.  Stop by and check them out today!


Janet Clarke

Janet Clarke

Associate Dean, Research & User Engagement at Stony Brook University Libraries
email: janet.clarke@stonybrook.edu
Janet Clarke
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