Library Galleria Music Performance

This Wednesday, April 17th, Bryan Lu, a music student who works in the Music Library, and the members of a String Quartet will perform Mendelssohn’s 2nd String Quartet in A minor. Their wish is to share their music with the rest of campus. The performance will be during campus lifetime, starting at a little after 1:00 PM so that students will have had time to get out of class. Please stop by and take advantage of this opportunity to hear some beautiful music, and support our students! You can also see and hear from the 2nd floor walkway along the East wall that overlooks the Galleria if the downstairs area is too crowded. Hope to see you there!

Gisele Schierhorst

Gisele Schierhorst

Head, Music Library at Stony Brook University Libraries
Gisele is the Head of the Music Library. She is the liaison to Music, Africana Studies, Anthropology, and Sociology.
Gisele Schierhorst

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