University Libraries Receives 2012-2013 Preservation Grant Award

The Stony Brook University Libraries received notification of a 2012-2013 grant award for the preservation of library research materials.  The award which is part of the New York State Program for the Conservation and Preservation of Library Research Materials Discretionary Grant Program, is part of a statutory grant program established in 1984 through New York, Education Law, § 273. Apportionment of state aid to libraries and library systems.  Administered by New York State Library’s Division of Library Development, the program seeks “to encourage the proper care and accessibility of research materials, to promote the use and development of guidelines and technical standards for conservation/preservation work, and to support the growth of local and cooperative activities within the context of emerging national preservation programs.”  Funding received through the grant is managed by the University Libraries’ Preservation Department.

Additional details about the grant program and the award process may be found at:

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