University Libraries Presents: Colloquium Series

Date: 03/16/2017

Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Special Collections Seminar Room


Libraries and the Birth of Commercial Radio

by Chris Kretz

There was no such thing as commercial radio in the United States until the early 1920s. Then things exploded in an era of experimentation and innovation. Companies formed and competed to see what would draw the public’s ear. Many public libraries were active as participants in these early days and my research seeks to uncover the earliest library broadcasts and the connections that brought them to the airwaves.



The Global Library Initiatives at Stony Brook University: An Update

by Michael B. Huang


Since its establishment in September 2014, the Office of Global Library Initiatives at Stony Brook University has worked closely with academic and clinical departments and the Office of Global Affairs to identify international initiatives, programs, and activities in order to focus the Library’s efforts to the areas that are most critical to SBU success. This presentation provides an update on recent activities including: a visit to SUNY Korea, presenting at an international conference, initiating and establishing formal relationships with two academic libraries in China, and cultivating visiting librarian program.


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Dana Haugh

Dana Haugh

Web Services Librarian at Stony Brook University Libraries
Dana is the Web Services Librarian and the liaison to the English Department and the Program in Writing & Rhetoric.
Dana Haugh
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