DATABASE TRIAL: New-York Historical Society Digital Archives

EBSCO has released two new Digital Archive Databases from Collections at the New-York Historical Society. Trials of the two databases are available through June 9, 2013.

Gateway to North America: People, Places, and Organizations of 19th-Century New York

Collection of historical directories, member lists and other name-rich sources from the New-York Historical Society (N-YHS), featuring materials that track individuals and organizations over time and place. Contains over 800,000 pages of content from over 1,500 print and manuscript directories, member lists, travel guides and other sources, chronicling the people and organizations of New York City from the late 18th through the early 20th century. Content highlights include:

  • Residential, trade and occupational directories
  • Membership lists for professional groups, philanthropic and governmental institutions, ethnic organizations, religious groups and leisure clubs
  • Names and physical descriptions of Civil War deserters and the incarcerated
  • Illustrated advertisements
  • Commercial listings by trade
  • Descriptions of local philanthropic, religious and governmental institutions
  • Travel schedules
  • Maps

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Revolutionary War Era Orderly Books from the New-York Historical Society

The Orderly Books collection—developed in conjunction with the New-York Historical Society—contains handwritten volumes documenting military orders, movements and engagements by brigade, regiment, company and other specific military units between 1748 and 1817. The content provides detailed accounts of troops’ daily lives, documenting everything from court martial cases to the price of necessities charged by locals. Given the dearth of soldiers’ diaries, Orderly Books provides historically valuable information about soldiers’ lives.

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