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The new digital collection The Early Republic will be available on a trial basis through July 15, 2009. No log-in or password are required.

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Since 1972, 17 volumes of primary material documenting the actions, debates, and thoughts of the First Federal Congress and its members have been collected by the First Federal Congress Project (FFCP) and published by the Johns Hopkins University Press. These volumes of the Documentary History of the First Federal Congress are used by Congress, historians, political scientists, and jurists to understand the most important and productive Congress in United States history.

The Early Republic brings this rich legacy to the fingertips of a new generation of students and scholars. Comprising 17,000 annotated pages and 250 images, the innovative online reference features a cumulative index and robust search engine. The Early Republic will incorporate the full text of future volumes and will eventually incorporate digital editions of other publications relating to the colonial period and revolution.

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More information on The First Federal Congress Project and the Documentary History of the First Federal Congress, 1789-1791.

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Janet Clarke

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