Dr. Amy Marschilok on “Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems: Progress and Opportunities” - On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, Dr. Amy Marschilok presented “Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems: Progress and Opportunities” in the Special Collections Seminar Room of the Melville Library.   Dr. Marschilok discussed how human development and quality of life are directly related
North Reading Room Spring Student Art Show -     Stop by the second floor of North Reading Room in Melville Library to see the new installation of the Spring 2019 Student Art Show. Thank you to Cici Lampa for organizing and curating this semester’s show! Artists include
Women’s History in the Health Sciences - Women’s History month is a celebration of the shared stories and achievements of so many influential and well known figures. From American Abolitionist Harriet Tubman to American Astronomer Vera Rubin, there is no shortage of inspirational narratives. So this month