SUNY – Elsevier (ScienceDirect) Negotiations and Impact to SBU

SUNY is currently in the midst of system-wide contract renewal negotiations with Elsevier, the largest publisher of scientific and medical journals, about our subscription to ScienceDirect.  SUNY’s ScienceDirect contract with Elsevier formally expired on December 31, 2019.  In November and December 2019, we held several town hall meetings to provide updates on the state of negotiations with Elsevier and discuss alternative means of access to impacted journals in the event that there is no agreement with Elsevier about ScienceDirect.

As active negotiations continue beyond the December 31, 2019 contract end date, the SUNY ScienceDirect Working Group has ensured access to the complete ScienceDirect journals package through March 31, 2020 for all participating SUNY institutions. Additional updates on the status of the SUNY-Elsevier negotiations in 2020 will be provided as they become available.

Earlier this year, the University of California System ended negotiations with Elsevier without an agreement on terms for a contract renewal.  Similar negotiations with Elsevier involving other US and European institutions have also met an impasse.  SUNY University Faculty Senate recently passed a resolution in full support for SUNY’s negotiations for a fair and reasonable contract with Elsevier.