e-Reserves Guidelines

Electronic reserves (e-reserves) are scans of articles or book chapters available on the course management system (CMS) for a particular course. All material placed on e-reserve must be lawfully owned or licensed by the library. Material obtained through interlibrary loan may not be placed on e-reserve. 

All e-reserve items must comply with copyright laws and guidelines. Scanned material will be emailed to the faculty requester along with the copyright statement to be posted with the e-reserves. Access to e-reserve material is limited to faculty and students registered for the course. E-reserve material should be removed from the CMS at the end of the semester.

Reserve staff will provide a link to library-licensed material (e-books and electronic journal articles) to be linked in the CMS.

To place an e-reserve request, complete and submit the eReserves Request form. Incomplete forms may delay processing.  Please submit Reserves Requests by the following dates:

Fall – July 30
Spring – November 30
Summer – April 30

Material requested for e-reserves after these dates may not be available at the start of the semester.

Examples of acceptable items for e-reserves requests (amounting to less than 10% of total work):

  • An article from a journal(s) physically owned by the library
  • One chapter from a book owned by the library
  • Music pieces from sound recordings for Music Department classes and seminars, based on Fair Use copyright guidelines for classroom use
Examples of items not accepted for e-reserves include:
  • Course packs
  • Personally created anthologies
  • Class notes, papers or tests
Copyright guidelines may restrict the use of copyrighted materials. For more information, see Copyright Policies and Guidelines for Course Reserves
For information about electronic reserves, please contact the Reserves department at reserves@stonybrook.edu or 631-632-7115.

Information about Brightspace

Information about and support for Brightspace can be found at DoIT’s Brightspace page.