Renovation Updates

The North Reading Room is open to students this summer. Central Reading Room has closed for the summer and will reopen in Fall Semester 2016.


Current Developments


July-September, 2016: Electrical work, flooring, and furniture installation in Central Reading Room.


May-July, 2016: Flooring removal, painting, and infrastructure work in Central Reading Room.


May 23, 2016: Construction begins in Central Reading Room.


May 19, 2016: North Reading Room opens and Central Reading Room closes for construction.


April 12-May 23, 2016: Flooring and furniture installation in North Reading Room.


March 1-April 12, 2016: Electrical work and flooring installation in North Reading Room.


January 18-February 29, 2016: Painting and electrical work in North Reading Room


January 1-18, 2016: Flooring removed from North Reading Room


December 17-31, 2015: Furniture and computers moved from North Reading Room to Central Reading Room


September 16, 2015: President Stanley announces library renovation