Dissertations and Theses Collection Policy and Practices

Stony Brook University Libraries facilitate access to theses and dissertations in print and/or electronic format (1967-present). Most dissertations and theses are under copyright, and therefore the University Libraries do not sell or reproduce dissertations and theses. 

Stony Brook University students, faculty, and staff with a Net ID can access citations and/or the full-text of dissertations and theses (1967-present) authored by Stony Brook University graduates in ProQuest’s Dissertations & Theses@Stony Brook database. If you are not affiliated with SBU, you may be able to borrow a bound hardcopy (if available) through your institution’s interlibrary loan department.

In 2010, the Graduate School at Stony Brook University formally instituted electronic submission for theses and dissertations. A small percentage of works in electronic format were submitted as early as 2006. A subset of citations or full text electronic theses and dissertations (2006-2020) can be found in Stony Brook University Libraries digital repository at https://ir.stonybrook.edu/xmlui/handle/11401/73112/browse. Students are encouraged to deposit an open access copy of their dissertation or theses in Stony Brook University Libraries’ Academic Commons at https://commons.library.stonybrook.edu/electronic-disserations-theses/.