Program Overview

Banner reading: Stony Brook University Libraries 6th Annual Open Access Symposium: Towards Equitable Knowledge Gathering and Sharing, October 28 and 29, 2021

Presentation and workshop abstracts can be accessed here or viewed by clicking on the presentation/workshop title.

Thursday, October 28th, 2021

Welcome and Opening Remarks, 10:00A – 10:15A

Speakers: Shafeek Fazal & Mona Ramonetti, Stony Brook University Libraries; Paul Goldbart, Provost, Stony Brook University

Keynote: It Matters How We Open Knowledge: Making Research Open By Default and Equitable By Design, 10:15A – 11:15A

Speaker: Nick Shockey, SPARC

Break, 11:30A – 12:00P

Panel and Q&A: Including voices of all in academic output, 12:00P – 12:40P

Speakers: Denisse Albornoz, University of Toronto & Kanishka Sikri, York University

Presentation and Q&A: The Story Behind CELT’s Inclusive Teaching Panel Series, 12:45P – 1:15P

Speaker: Carol Hernandez and Catherine Scott, Stony Brook University

Panel: Open Educational Resources, 1:20P – 1:55P

Moderator: Chris Kretz, Stony Brook University Libraries

Presentation 1: Open Educational Resources: Developing an OER course that increases public knowledge of the rule-making process
Speaker: Daniene Byrne, Stony Brook University 

Presentation 2: Digitally augmenting a hands-on dissection lab experience: first steps toward transitioning vertebrate anatomy training into the 21st century
Speaker: Natasha Vitek, Stony Brook University

Presentation 3: Interview transcripts in lieu of textbook: LIN 200 “Language in the US”
Speakers: Mark Aronoff, Lori Repetti, Ji Yea Kim, & Veronica Miatto, Stony Brook University

Closing remarks, 1:55P – 2:00P

Friday, October 29, 2021 

Welcome Remarks, 10:00A – 10:15A

Keynote: More Open, More Equitable, and More Valuable Science, 10:15A – 11:15A

Speaker: Dr. Mike Huerta, National Library of Medicine

Break, 11:30A – 12:00P

Presentation: Open Educational Resources, 12:00P – 12:40P

Speakers: Ed Beck & Jennifer M. K. Jensen, SUNY Oneonta

Panel: Data Management, 12:45P – 1:30P

Moderator: Victoria Pilato, Stony Brook University Libraries

Presentation 1: The Library as a Central Hub for Research Data Management Services
Speakers: Jessica Koos & Claire Payne, Stony Brook University Libraries

Presentation 2: Update on SBU’s university-wide data platform
Speakers: Shafeek Fazal & David Cyrille, Stony Brook University

Presentation 3: Using data from NIH’s iCite to dynamically provide bibliometric-based decision support
Speakers: Paul Albert and Sarbajit Dutta, Weill Cornell Medical

Presentation: SUNY Brockport’s migration from Bepress to SUNY’s SOAR, 1:35P – 1:55P 

Speakers: Dana Laird, Mary Jo Orzech, Pam O’Sullivan, & Ken Wierzbowski, SUNY Brockport

Closing, 1:55P – 2:00P

Questions: Contact Mona Ramonetti, Head of Scholarly Communication at