Tech Spotlight: StoryMap JS

StoryMap JS lets users tell stories through maps. The tool has two major branches; SnapMap, a feature that uses your Instagram geotags to create an interactive map, and “gigapixel” StoryMaps, which let users annotate and augment contemporary and historical maps as well as other large images. StoryMap has many teaching, storytelling, and digital humanities applications. It has been used to spice up art, as a new way to explain news stories, and even to illustrate plot lines from Game of Thrones.


StoryMap was created by the Knight Lab at Northwestern University. It’s a free product that is priceless for teaching and digital humanities applications.

Laura Costello

Laura Costello

Head of Research & Emerging Technologies at Stony Brook University Libraries
Laura is the Head of Research & Emerging Technologies, and the liaison to the Computer Science and Linguistics departments.
Laura Costello
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