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J.S. Bach’s Study Bible in the Music Library

    A facsimile of composer Johann Sebastian Bach’s Study Bible, published by Uitgeverij Van Wijnen in the Netherlands, has been added to the Music Library’s holdings.  The original volumes were published in 1681-82, with commentary by theologian Abraham Calov

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Asian & Asian American Studies Student Research Symposium

On April 11th, the Center for Scholarly Communications teamed up with the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies to host the first annual Asian and Asian American Studies Research Symposium. This symposium showcased the best project work of undergraduates

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“Gender and Negotiation” closes the University Libraries’ celebration of Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, the University Libraries welcomed Dr. Julia Bear, Assistant Professor in the College of Business, on March 27, 2018, for a presentation titled “Gender and Negotiation.”  Dr. Bear presented on her research into gender differences

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Dr. Dávalos’ Lecture on Extinction, Extinction: How it was and How to Stop it From the Miocene to Today

On April 3, Dr. Dávalos unfolded the mysteries of 5 mass extinctions and offered pivotal lessons for preventing future extinction.   Using an example from the Caribbean, Dr. Dávalos described the end of glaciation that caused the bat extinction. On

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“Art of the Flute,” Performance Friday, April 13 at Noon

  Students of acclaimed flutist and faculty member Carol Wincenc will perform selections in the Library Galleria on Friday, April 13  at noon.   Selections will be for flute and piano, as well as for flute choir.    

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University Libraries Presents: STEM Speaker Series, Dr. Xiaojun Bi

University Libraries is pleased to announce its fourth lecture of the Spring 2018 STEM Speaker Series given by Dr. Xiaojun Bi, Department of Computer Science.   Title: “Computational Interaction in Post-PC Computing” Date/Time: Tuesday, May 1, 2018 from 1pm-2pm Location:

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Emerson String Quartet Biography

  In 2001, a year before joining Stony Brook University’s prestigious Music Department, the Emerson String Quartet published its biography, Converging Lines: the Extraordinary Story of the Emerson String Quartet’s First 25 Years.   The Music Library has several copies.  It

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What the Health? Workshop Series Concludes

On April 5, the Stony Brook health sciences librarians concluded their three-part workshop series for Suffolk County’s public librarians, What the Health? The series focused on teaching the public librarians more about the freely available health resources from the National

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Rescheduled: University Libraries Presents: STEM Speaker Series, Dr. Ya Wang

The second lecture of the Spring 2018 STEM Speaker Series, given by Dr. Ya Wang from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, was rescheduled to Friday, March 30, 2018 from 2pm-3pm.   Title: “Optically chopped PIR sensor for occupancy detection” New

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University Libraries Hosted World Renowned Chamber Music Ensemble, the Emerson String Quartet, for their 40th Anniversary Celebration

University Libraries in collaboration with the Music Department and Office of the Provost celebrated four decades of achievements of the Emerson String Quartet with the launching of an exhibit followed by a panel discussion featuring all members of the Emerson

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