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Sometimes you are looking for unusual content in a database and don’t know where to start your research. Political cartoons can be one of those questions. Stony Brook University Libraries are here to help!

To search for political cartoons, a great starting point is The New York Times Historical database. Select the Advanced Search option. Under Document type, choose Editorial Cartoon. Fill the other fields with your search term(s) and click search.

Please note that this database provides only historical content, and does not provide access to current (past 3 years) content of the New York Times. For current content of the New York Times, use the LexisNexisAcademic database, however that database does not offer an option to search by Political Cartoons.

A collection of historical political cartoons is also available from the Library of Congress’ Political Cartoons  online educational resources.

You may also conduct a search in the catalog using the terms political cartoons in order to retrieve books and electronic resources on the topic.


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Darren Chase

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